Sunday, November 9, 2008

Something Old, Something New

Yesterday my sister and I made another trip to my Grandparents house to help with cleanup. It was actually kinda neat because it was me, my sister, my brother and both my parents. We haven't all been together just us three since the 90's. I personally love the walk down memory lane and it is an honor for me to be able to help clean out their house. We found some of my grandmother's old clothes from the 70's. These are the first pants she ever owned. I brought home the cabinet that my Grandfather made for her to keep her pretties in. I also was able to get some of her pretties to put in it. I have it in my kitchen and it looks beautiful. Hopefully they can come over soon and see that it is being taken care of. I know my Grandmother will probably not leave the nursing home again but I have hope.

We have lived in our house for nearly 4 years and I have had the hardest time finding stuff to decorate it with. I do not like over the top decorations. I love simplicity. It seems fitting that I would choose all the things that no one wanted from my Grandparent's house. Many times I even dug stuff out of the trash. I just do not get my mom. She threw away one of my Grandmother's aprons. It is from the 40's and I am pretty sure she made it herself. I took a picture of it a while back. I need to put my girls in it and get a better picture. I am to big to wear it. :-) She was 16 when she got married and I am now 35 trying to squeeze into it. I also got some vintage nighties that are just so pretty. I am hoping that some oxy clean will help me get some of the stains out. When an elderly person develops dementia it is rather fascinating what they do with their things. She was a very orderly person so everything was packed in suitcases. She made sure there was a folded Kleenex in every pocket. Kinda amazing where life's journey will take you....