Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beans Beans Beans!!!!

I am a wanna be gardener. This year I planted two different types if green beans. I planted Kentucky Pole beans and Contenders. I planted them a few weeks before the big drought set in. Needless to say it was a rough go. I watered twice a day and they barely grew. The pole beans did manage to make it up the fence and then they all turned brown and crispy in August. They were dead. Worthless. Not even a bloom. I left them on the fence and just pretened they weren't there. The bush beans were still green (kinda) but the grasshoppers were eating what was left of them. So I started ignoring/neglecting them too. Then last week God sent rain. Not just a shower burst but a 24 hour rain. Those plants burst back to life. Even the ones that were burnt up and leafless. In the past few days I have picked 3 quarts of beans. I had given up but God had not. He had a plan for those beans to feed my family. Something so minor so unworthy of his notice but it mattered to Him. If God cares about my beans can you imagine how much He must care about the children of this world that are tossed aside and considered worthless. Psalm 68:6 "God sets the lonely in families." Children like Brandi.
There is not a lot of info on Brandi. But what I do now is, if God cared enough to make my beans so abundant under harsh conditions think of how much more he can do for Brandi. All she needs is a loving family to step forward and bring her home. Can you imagine how much she could do if she was in an environment of love and encouragement that only a family can provide. Imagine if she were able to live to her fullest potential. If you would like to know more please go here. This is what we do know about Miss Brandi. Girl, Born August 31, 2007 Little Brandi is much loved….she has CP and microcephaly, but is physically active and in need of a forever family. From her medical records: “lack of development of brain from birth” ,”specific problems of psychological development”, “loss of hearing in both ears”