Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Darryl 15H

I can think of no better way to start my day than to look into the wonderful cheerful face of Darryl! He is at the wonderful age of 5 and just so full of smiles despite living in an orphanage and not having a mommy or daddy to wake up to every day. Can you imagine the sweetness and hugs you could wake up to every morning if you were his momma!I can easily see Darryl running out the door to greet his daddy every evening when he arrives home from work.
Just look at the sunshine on his sweet face. Oh how much joy he could give to a family. I can easily see him in my back yard playing ball with his brothers and sisters. You can read more about Darryl here. Date of Birth: June 2007 Gender: Male Eyes: Gray Hair: brown Diagnosis: Down syndrome What a sweet, sunny little boy! Darryl is going on 5. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Darryl is growing well, phsyically active, friendly and sociable. More medical info available from the agency! Single moms welcome! Please pray that his mommy and daddy find him soon! Also please share his info!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Child

Today's child is Quinten. He a sweet little boy who is three years old. He is in Russia Region 2. This region has had a few hiccups as of late. We are hoping and praying that it will get past these issues soon as there are parents who are currently waiting to get their children home. We do not want the children that are there waiting on families to be forgotten. Please pray for the children there and spread the word!
Date of Birth: August 2009 Gender: Male Eyes: Gray Hair: red Character: noisy, active Down syndrome Diagnosis: DS, delayed development, protein-calorie deficiency, non-malignant growth You can donate to Quintens fund here.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fatherless Friday

When I was a child I always looked forward to Friday cause that ment Daddy was home for the weekend. Saturday morning we would wake up to the wonderful smell of waffles. I loved it when my dad made waffles because he would make them as long as we kids would eat them. Then that afternoon he would take us swimming and fishing in local creeks. Then on Sunday we would go to church as a family. What a blessing to be able to have that in my life. I would like you to meet Miss Marcia.
Marcia is not blessed with a father to cook waffles for her on Saturday. In fact the enviornment that she has been placed in has been so hard on her that it is recommended that she only be placed in a family with older children or as an only child. This is not how a child should be spending their days. Please pray that her family finds her soon so that she will be an orphan no more!
Marcia has been transferred, and is not doing well — she needs a family, urgently! Marcia has a mild form of paraparesis, pelvic organs dysfunction, instability of hip joints; stemming from her main diagnoses — compensated hydrocephalus (treated with a shunt) and operated spina bifida. MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE, MARRIED COUPLES AND SMALL FAMILIES ONLY. Due to Marcia’s institutionalization and the negative effects it’s having on her, the ideal family would be one with no other children, or only older children. She will need a lot of attention You can read more about this sweet little girl here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Update on My Sweetie Lyla

I am so blessed to be a prayer warrior for sweetie Lyla. The family is in need of prayers as they are trying to get the paperwork expedited. That means this sweet little girl could be home much much quicker! What a blessing that would be since her mama has been waiting 2 years to get her girl home!
And folks we are so closs to getting this family funded!! Only $2805 left. To read more on all the wonderful things going on just skip on over here to take a look!


Today's Tuesday child is Andrey. Such a precious little one who needs a family. He is said to be personable, active, friendly! You can read more and get info about Andrey here.