Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Blocks

Here are some more blocks from the Oh Fransson Quilt Along. I do realize I am very behind but this is my first quilt and I want to do it right!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tree Huggin' Tuesday

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs this morning and she asked how many of her readers tend a garden spot. So I thought I would share some photos of part of my garden spot. It is raining rather hard here this morning so there is some parts missing as I can not photo them from the shelter of my porch. I do my own version of intensive gardening. I am slowly digging up my yard and adding things as I go. Right now we have about 75 tomato plants, asparagus, pole beans, cucumbers, cabbage, watermelon, cantaloupe, purple hull peas and potatoes. I also have raspberry and blackberry growing along the fence. Oh yes and various herbs that are trying to take over. :-) My spot is not very large yet. My goal is for my entire front yard to become edible. I do have a variety of edible flowers planted too. I was inspired by this garden. The plan is to add chickens in the next few years and goats in the future too. I must say it is an absolute joy growing my own food. Most of my neighbors think I am a little off for digging instead of tilling the ground. But I figure once I get it all dug up there will be no need for a tiller so why buy one now. Not to mention I have lost about 2 inches of arm fat this summer. Now when I wave as the neighbors drive by my arm is not still waving 30 minutes later. I've been working on my little garden spot since we first moved here about 4 years ago. I do love my garden!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Nature Table

I am a Waldorf Mama. I have finally got around to starting a nature table with the kids. I figure ya gotta start some where. Ours may not be the most beautiful out there but we are incredible proud of it. The shells came from a visit to a local Mill. We found the wasp nest on the porch last year. I knitted the little snail to go with a shell we found in our yard. The poor butterfly met it's match with one of our cats. We have added a walnut shell since this picture was taken and my oldest daughter is working on a fairy for our table. This is a lot of fun. I am glad that I did not wait until I could make it perfect. Because honestly it would have never been done if I waited that long.:-)

Fabric Friday

Some yummy goodness that I got in the mail from one of my very favorite enablers. I cannot wait to get started on a quilt made with the owls. I have been looking at Quilt blogs and admiring all the nice blocks made with that print. I am also going to make a quilt with the Far Far Away by Heather Ross. Of course I should probably finish my first quilt. :-)

My Quilt

I have some pictures to share. I have finally got going on the quilt along that OhFransson! started a while back. Life got put on hold with the death of my Grandmother and the end of a homeschooling year. This quilt will be my first and I am very excited about my progress. These are pictures of the blocks cut out and ready for sewing and the finished blocks A. I hope to get going on blocks B & C this weekend. My better half has been on the pager for work and using my sewing desk for his computer. I will be happy to get it back.