Tuesday, June 17, 2008

15 Years

Today is our 15th Anniversary. It's hard to believe how quickly it has gone by. We celebrated last night with a wonderful Italian Cream Cake that I got from Not Quite June Cleaver. It was yummy. I was able to get some farm fresh eggs and I had soured some fresh raw milk to use in place of the buttermilk. It was incredible. I hate to admit it but I am more excited about the farm fresh eggs then I am the 15 years. I know shame on me. I have pictures of the cake that I will add later. My desire for celebration was to spend it together as a family doing something fun. We went to the zoo in Little Rock this past weekend and so I got my gift. I figure that June 17th was the start of our little family (6 humans and 7 animals so far) so I have always wanted wanted to celebrate it as a family. It was great. Today I also ordered seeds for fall planting and readied another area of the garden. Praise God for all his Blessings.

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