Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1

It has been a while since I posted anything. Turns out it is not so easy to homestead, homeschool and blog. But here I go again. Back in the saddle so to speak.

We are taking the month of December to finish up craft projects that were started over the past year. Or in my case several years. Today we worked on a nature table doll and are almost done with it. I also have several new projects that are simple to do for Christmas decorating. I had both my girls make lists of what they need to finish. I started a list but we do not have that much paper. I have way to many UFO's to count. I am hoping to overcome my startitis. I love to learn new things. So I tend to start a lot of new things. It is not that I never finish anything it just takes me a while once the newness wears off. I have started dolls, quilts, pants and skirts. This is only the sewing stuff. My knitting basket is another story. So I will be posting throughout the month the different projects that we finish up.

I have also decided to organize my entire house. I have no idea why but the bug to simplify always hits me hard this time of the year. Maybe it is a reaction to all the holiday shopping. I actually rarely leave the house from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Thank goodness for a well stocked pantry. Makes me get all excited about the seed catalogs. I think I will pop over to rareseeds.com just to dream for a bit. Feel free to join me.

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