Friday, March 30, 2012

Miss Lyla

Doesn't this sweet girl have the most amazing eyes you have ever seen! I am so blessed to be her prayer warrior. Miss Lyla has had a rough start to this life and is a very sick little girl who also happens to be an orphan. What I want more than anything is to see her home with her family asap! Who would like to help? Head on over to Love Multiplied Giveaway! You have a chance to win many prizes including an iPad3! All to help this little princess get home to the care and love she so desperately needs. You see there is a very special family that went to meet her a few years ago because they loved her and knew that she was ment to be their daughter. They got to hold her and love her but she was so sick and expected to die so was no longer available to adopt.They were terribbly heartbroken to not be able to bring her home but our wonderful Lord had a plan and they met two other sweet blessings that they were able to add to their family. Then the impossible seemed to happen Miss Lyla lived!!! She was made available to be adopted but another family stepped up and committed to her. This family was unable to complete the adoption (prayers for them please I know they are heartbroken) but now Lyla is available again and we are trying so hard to get her home to the mama who was able to hold her and love her so long ago. Please share with your friends and help where you can. You can follow Miss Lyla's adoption story here: Lucky to Love Lyla.

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