Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Fresh Path

I've been in the midst of trying to get my house organized and decluttered for the past few weeks. So I tend to follow a lot of Christian blogs on Facebook that give hints and simple tips to getting organized. One of those updates posted a link to a blog for the sweetest little girls on the planet. The Blessing of Verity. This is a blog where a sweet mother of 11 talks about her journey with Down syndrome. Her insight on the conditions in orphanages for these sweet children with special needs just pierced my heart. Then the thoughts began. Could we possibly give a good home to a child who so desperately needs love? (Maybe.) Can I just sit here and do nothing? (That answer is a resounding NO!) Then of course I start comparing myself to others and start listing all the reasons I will fall short but I always forget to factor in God and His wonderful Holy Spirit. I realized if we undertake this journey we will not be alone. So while I am still organizing my house and getting rid of all the stuff we simply do not need, we are walking a fresh path with a new goal adoption. Do I feel that I am called to adopt? The honest truth is I do not know. What I absolutely do know with no are of doubt is that this is the path I am supposed to be on. We are at the very beginning. So far it mainly has involved gathering information. Our main focus at this moment is finding a Church family that is supportive of families in general. We are seeking an Elder led family integrated Church that sees all children as blessings and will embrace and love a child with special needs. I trust that God is working in my life and my family and He will lead us where we need to go. I am excited about this fresh path that we are on and where it will lead.

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