Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Room for One More?

At one point, it was taught that we should always have room at our tables for one more. I know that during the depression era there were lots of misplaced folks that benefited from the kindness of those who had extra to share. Is this something that is taught anymore? Do we instill in our children that there is plenty and we should share with those in need? I know I have fallen short on this many times in my adult life. I see that there is always room for one more in our life of plenty. In fact, there is room for several more to sit around our table and break bread with us. I would love an opportunity to welcome Sophia to my table. She is a sweet 5 year old that has no family. What a joy it would be to know that she had a permanent place where she is part of a family. Are you that family? Is there room for one more at your table?

Isn't she a sweetheart! If you would like to help Miss Sophia please visit Reece's Rainbow. She is one of the children that is on the Angel Tree. Please share and donate so that we can meet here $1,000 goal!!!

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