Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling Crafty

I am gearing up for Christmas sewing. I have added some new fabrics and patterns to my stash for this purpose. I am going to be sewing some aprons for all the females in my family. I also want to sew some knitting bags for the knitters. I got some lovely charm packs from to make place mats with my kids for our Christmas season. Today I was very organized thanks to A Virtuous Woman so I was able to get the patterns cut out. I am getting really excited. Hopefully I can make a bit of progress before the tomatoes come off and need to be put up. I also got a really cute nighty night pattern from Favorite Things that I need to sew up before my youngest DD's birthday next month. I am very excited about this because it will be the second birthday that I actually got the sewing done before the birthday. That's all for now enjoy my pics.:-)

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