Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Grandparents

My Grandma and Grandpa M. taught me most of what I know about simplicity. I went and visited with them this weekend in their new home. We had to put them in an Assisted Living/Nursing facility because they are both suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. They have adjusted really well. We are so blessed that it is really really nice. They are happy to just be together and we are happy that they are safe. They were staying with my parents but my Grandmother was starting to wander at night and no one was getting any rest. I was at onetime a CNA in a nursing home and I had swore I would never allow my relatives to live in a nursing home. Life has it way of making you eat your words though. We are in no position to take care of them with our small house and 4 kids. I also realize that I am not super woman. I am excited about the opportunity to help those who are in there with my Grandparents. I see now that there is a huge chance for service there and I look forward to it. I miss working with the elderly. I am amazed that I am at peace with all of this and just enjoy being able to chat with them once a week. They used to live farther away and we were not able to get to see them as often as we would have liked. The cute thing is they do not remember our visits so are always so happy to see us. In the next few weeks we will be making the trip to clean out their house and I hope that we celebrate the memories and do not get overwhelmed by what we are doing.

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Aliadelaide said...

this is such a beautiful post. My mother has the beginning of Alzheimers but lives independently for the present. I love how your grandparents can still be together and that you can visit them too. What wonderful memories you are making for your children too about how we should respond to our aging relations
may God bless you